Ultrasonic Cavitation(Lipo Cavitation)

A non surgical body contouring system that uses low frequency ultrasound waves to burst fat cells which results in inches lost on treated area(arms, things, back, stomach, etc.) and ultimately a slimmer appearance. Treatments also tightens skin  and reduces cellulite.

30 Minute session: $125   60Minutes 250 Call  678-651-7598 

Vacuum Therapy

(Butt-lift & Hip Enhancement) 

Non invasive treatments vacuum fat from thighs or back fat to buttocks. The Butt  and hips will be increased in volume, reduce the appearance of cellulite, firm and tones.

30 Minute session: $125 60 Minutes $250  Call or text 678-651-7598 

360 Lipo Cavitation

(The Hour Glass) 

Ultrasonic Cavitation on Stomach, Love handles, waistline, lower back and upper back to create a slimming and more contoured body sculptor.

30 Minute session: $175       60Minutes : $350        The Hour Glass with Butt-lift 80 Minutes: $ 375

facelift & Arm Lift

Non-invasive lifts using RF removes excess sagging skin from the face and arm resulting in a tighter, more youthful look.

30 Minute session: $125  Call or text  678-651-7598           

Cellulite Removal & SKIN TIGHTEN

A vacuum is created around the area, lifting the cellulite away from the muscle, thus encouraging blood flow, stimulating lymphatic drainage and amplifying the effects of massage or exercise. Creating a smoother appearance.

30 Minute session: $  175        60 Minutes $350

Snatched Cream

Burn fat up to 48 hours per usage. Anti-Cellulite, Firming, Inches Burner. The Snatched Cream enhance our treatment results the following day and days after. No treatment is needed to use the cream and to see results.



Style Mobb Image Studio non-invasive lipo treatments and the snatched cream do exactly what they say it will do! I purchased a package of 8 treatments which were cheaper then my Invasive Lipo surgery and much safer. The results and changed my life. And the Snatch Cream is literally magic in a bottle... unbelievably it enhanced the results. I missed a week and only used the Snatched Cream and it did just that kept me SNATCHED!!!!!Thank yall..God will bless yall

Customer since August 2018


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