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Anti-Cellulite         Firming       Fat Buring 

What is it?

Snatched Cream is a fast -absorbing body cream that burn fat and help tone the skin. Our active ingredients make our product heat activated allowing the cream to absorb into the skin layer and fatty tissues activating the skin natural elasticity and melting fat.  

How does it work?

Our Caffeine based cream along with other proven active ingredients that are synergistically blended providing the perfect formulation for rapid, noticeable results in little as same day results. Tighten up for the appearance of a toned, lean & Snatched body. 

What makes Snatched Cream different?

Other cream release water weight from skin  surface and once the body receive water intake the weight return immediately. Snatched Cream penetrate begun water level and melt real fatty tissues. The active ingredient naturally promote the skin elasticity to increase which eliminate stretch marks, firm the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Adding Snatched Cream as a regular routine to your lifestyle has proven to increase your energy level & increase your metabolism. 

How to use Snatched Cream?

Apply a generous amount of Snatched Cream to clean & dry skin being your midsection or other desired areas daily.

Wrap tightly with plastic wrap and/or waist band. Wear Snatched Cream with plastic wrap for a min. of 4  hours and max. 8 hours daily.

How to magnify the magic of Snatched Cream?

  • Melting Fat and Body Shaping: Snatched Cream is best paired with our at home Laser Lipo Massager. After a non-invasive lipo treatment or invasive lipo surgery (after 8 weeks for invasive body contouring), apply Snatched Cream  desired area, wrap with plastic, wear up to 8 hours. Not mandatory but highly recommended to wear our compression garment (bodysuit) or waist-trainer.  

  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite:  After a hot to warm shower, dry brush desire areas upward with our Body Brush for 10 minutes. After dry brushing, apply Snatched Cream and wrap following the basic instructions


Wholesale Orders:

Available for approved retailers and Snatched Cream Specialists. For more information about purchasing wholesale email 


We have a designated shipping department that ships daily orders. We ask that you give us 5 business days before posting your tracking number due to high demands.

Snatched Cream

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Style Mobb Image Studio non-invasive lipo treatments and the snatched cream do exactly what they say it will do! I purchased a package of 8 treatments which were cheaper then my Invasive Lipo surgery and much safer. The results and changed my life. And the Snatch Cream is literally magic in a bottle... unbelievably it enhanced the results. I missed a week and only used the Snatched Cream and it did just that kept me SNATCHED!!!!!Thank yall..God will bless yall

Customer since August 2018


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